Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our tourists with a unique experience that combines the rich culture and history of our island with the exciting possibilities of the future. We aim to give you the best of both worlds, allowing you to immerse yourself in our vibrant traditions while also enjoying the modern amenities and advancements that our island has to offer. However, our mission goes beyond just providing a memorable vacation. We strive to make a lasting impact by supporting local private foundations that work tirelessly to preserve and protect our island's history and natural beauty for generations to come. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that Curaçao thrives and continues to enchant visitors with its authentic charm for many years to come. With Dushi Vibes Caribbean, we promise to show you the true essence of Curaçao and create an experience that will leave you longing to return.

The Plan

A Helping Hand

Curaçao has different local private foundation that focus on conserving the islands unique and best features. Below you will find a list of the foundations our team has chosen to give a helping hand. In the near future we hope to be able to add more to the list and donate to more than 1 private foundation a year.

The local private foundations are:

After your booking is confirmed, you will have the opportunity to select a local private foundation to support. The amount you will donate will be determined by a percentage, ranging from 1% to 5%, based on your total payment. At the end of each year, starting 2024, we will announce the local private foundation that received the highest number of votes, and they will be the recipients of the donation. This way, you have the chance to contribute to a cause that resonates with you, while also making a positive impact in the community. Your support will make a difference and help our island. Thank you in advance for choosing to give back and support local foundations through our booking platform.